Methods of cultivation

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Methods of cultivation
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Plant selection

First of all, to start the cultivation of orchids, you should buy the most known hybrids, which must be hardly and not to be too expensive. If you have the opportunity, visit a greenhouse specialized in orchid cultivation, to get some useful information and advice from the staff. The first positive impression concerning the general performance and vigor of the plant is not always indicative of its good condition.

Sometimes the greenhouse’s humidity is enough to maintain a good appearance even if the plant is substantially suffering. When purchasing, make sure that the plant is labeled with its variety name, so that you can easily apply all the appropriate cultivating techniques. In order to ensure the good condition of the plant, check carefully the upper part of the rooting system. Healthy roots are unharmed and of white or light gray color. Do never buy plants with dark and badly shaped roots. You can also shake mildly the plant, to verify that the plant stands steadily on the cultivation substrate. If that’s the case, it means that the roots are healthy and you can proceed with the purchasing. Also, the pseudo-bulbs should be full and without any decomposition signs, which in most cases take the form of dark spots. Observe carefully the leaves, keeping in mind that some species have a very light green color almost yellowish occasionally, when the plants start to blossom, which is not an indication of the bad health. In any case the leaf color, should be the typical color of the species, to which the plant belongs. Each inflorescence should have at least two or three flowers fully open so that the color can be easily recognized.

Do never choose plants with slightly developed inflorescences. There is the risk of watching the flower buds falling, because of potential fluctuations in temperature. Even for the species, which carry one flower per stem, but produce enough of them, like in the case of Paphiopedilium, there should always be for the same reason, at least one or two flowers fully open. If you want to buy Pleione and Bletilla bulbs, make sure that they are wizened. The bulbs should not have germinated, once they are planted, in order to have a normal development (plant them immediately or maintain them in a cool place because the heat of the room might dehydrate them of forced them to sprout prematurely).