The Garoufalis orchid's greenhouses

The Garoufalis orchid’s greenhouses started its operation in 1998. The modern and fully equipped installations are located in the area Mesocampos of the village Mitilini, belonging to the municipality of Pithagorio.

Today they cover an area of 15.000 km2, with a dynamic perspective of growth and development, which will depend on the commercial activities and demands of the national and foreign market (already a new part is under construction). As already told, the cultivation of orchids in Greece takes place exclusively in the island of Samos. So the potential of an expansion in the production is really important.

In this specific unit, only the species of CIMBIDIUM STANDARD (big flowers) and CIMBIDIUM MINI (small flower) are cultivated, using modern systems and new, up to date, cultivation techniques, under the scientific control and technical monitoring, support and supervision of two specialists, who are able to cover entirely the grille from the cultivation, to the production and the final disposal.


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